Leicestershire Healthy Tots status

We’re very proud of the fact that in 2011 the Lighthouse Day Nursery & Pre-School was awarded Leicestershire Healthy Tots Programme status which was reaccredited in 2015. This was adapted to support the delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Healthy Tots considers the well-being and development of your child and our staff by providing an environment which cares about emotional, physical and social health for all, whilst recognising the importance of the family and the local community in achieving this.

Research shows that good health habits developed in early years through healthy eating, emotional health, well-being, and physical activity are likely to continue into adulthood.

Through the Leicestershire Healthy Tots Programme we continuously strive to encourage your child to:

  • Make healthier choices and adopt healthy behaviours.
  • Develop positive attitudes, knowledge and understanding of healthy lifestyles.
  • Express themselves and know that their views will be acted upon.

For more information on the Leicestershire Healthy Tots programme or The Lighthouse Day Nursery & Pre-school, please call 0116 2812722, email or get in touch.