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The Jellyfish Room

The Jellyfish Room was set up in September 2014 for eight 2-3 year olds with 2 qualified staff members; it is situated within the Main Hall with outdoor access. This room provides a home-like environment with a relaxed atmosphere to create a specific learning area with age appropriate resources.

A constant routine and a familiar environment are crucial for 2 year olds. When changes are made they will to he handled sensitively and made for the benefit of your child. Here at the setting we recognise that transitions need to be effectively planned throughout the year therefore we use meal times and hall play to integrate the different age groups on a daily basis.

Both staff and children plan interesting fun activities enabling your child to:

  • enjoy free, child initiated and adult led play
  • be totally engaged and challenged
  • develop independence and self care (e.g. hand washing and dressing)

An integral part of the Jellyfish development is the Integrated Health and Early Education Review. The aim is to:

  • identify your child’s progress, strengths and needs in order to promote positive outcomes in health and well-being, learning and behaviour
  • facilitate early years intervention and support for your child and their family, especially those for whom progress is less than expected

Age two is an important time for children and their parents. It is a time when problems with language development and behaviour can start to be identified, at an age where interventions can be more effective than they would be for an older child, making a real difference to a child’s future. We focus on the DfE prime areas; Personal, Social & Emotional, Physical and Communication & Language. Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the Word & Expressive Arts & Design, can then be used to support and enhance the prime areas.