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The Main Hall

This large, spacious fully carpeted room benefits from natural daylight and is perfect for a range of activities. At around 2,500 square feet, the Main Hall is a free-flow area with ‘learning bays’ to enable your child to enjoy:

  • role play – with dressing up and varied themed ‘sets’ such as a shop, home, office, kitchen, hospital, and zoo.
  • writing and mark-making – an area with access to pens, pencils, and paper etc.
  • creative and construction – an area with building blocks and cardboard boxes where your child can freely create and construct.
  • reading – a comfy corner with plenty of cushions and books.
  • physical play – with bikes, scooters, climbing frames, slides, ‘Cosy Coupes’, and balancing beams.
  • drinks station – your child can help themselves to water.

Located next to the kitchen, your child can also see their meals and snacks being prepared. Plus, your child will have free access to the Courtyard for outside activities.

For more information on our Main Hall, please call 0116 2812722, email or get in touch.