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The Seahorse Room (ages 0 to 2)

The Seahorse Room is a happy, bright and stimulating environment catering for up to 12 children from the age of 0 to 2 years. Due to the young age of the children, our most experienced staff members work within this group.

Your baby can engage in…

  • ‘Tummy Time’ exploring on their tummies, stretching and rolling to strengthen their neck and tummy muscles which helps to develop their core.
  • ‘Treasure baskets’ are used to encourage sensory development – Touch, Taste, Smell, Vision and Sound.
  • Developing muscle co-ordination, practising stretching with a gym ball and movement to music.

All activities stimulate brain development by producing connections or synapses between cells.

Your child will benefit from a wide range of activities to help them socialise with other children and familiar adults. Activities include singing, dancing, nursery rhymes, stories, conversation, puzzles, building and role play. Plus, your child can enjoy small world toys such as animals, cars, and play people etc. With a clean carpeted floor, your child can learn to sit, crawl and walk safely, with toys specially chosen to encourage movement.

Water, paint, sand, glue, playdough and other materials are used for messy play. Manipulative skills, such as holding, squeezing, rattling, turning and throwing, are developed by playing with specially chosen toys. Mobiles, books, outings and interesting new objects are used to provide visual stimulation.

Along with the Main Hall and Courtyard, there is plenty of space for physical play.

For more information on our activities for 0 – 2 year-olds, please call 0116 2812722, email or get in touch.