Why Choose Us?

As one of the leading local nurseries in Leicestershire, The Lighthouse Day Nursery & Pre-school is committed to providing parents with as much information as possible.

Are the staff qualified and trained (the law requires that half the staff  hold NVQ level 2  in childcare and supervisors must have an NVQ level 3 and there must be one member of staff with a first aid certificate)?

All staff at the Lighthouse Nursery and Pre-School are fully trained to NVQ level 3 and the Nursery Manager holds an Early Years Degree and Professional Status. All staff also have an Enhanced DBS check, First Aid, Food Hygiene and Safeguarding training. There is monthly in-house training as well as attendance on relevant courses throughout the year.

What is the staff turnover like? Is there a key person system?

We have a low staff turnover with over a quarter of our team having been here since we opened in 2001. Each child has a key person allocated to them who will visit the child in their own home and then plan, with the parents, visits to the nursery. At this visit we can find out the child’s likes and dislikes, their routine and any questions or concerns you may have. This helps the child, parents and staff to build a bond of trust and gain knowledge to help them settle in with confidence.

Are the premises clean, safe, and well maintained and supported by good resources, toys and equipment?

The setting consists of three large classrooms, a very large carpeted hall (75ft x 30ft) and an outside decking area where we can play and grow plants. This means we can accommodate some large play equipment and also an assortment of bikes, pedal cars etc. We encourage the children to do lots of physical games, running and dancing. All rooms have age appropriate toys and resources to stimulate and encourage play as well as quiet areas for relaxing, talking and cuddles.  The setting has CCTV cameras for security, and doors within the King’s Centre are secured with coded key pads.

 What kind of food and drink do you provide? What if my child requires a special diet? Can I still breast feed my baby?

The Catering Manager has an OND in catering and has completed a Non Medical Nutritional Diploma and has many years of experience. We have been awarded Healthy Tots Status by Leicestershire Council which covers healthy eating, physical and emotional well being. Meals are freshly prepared and include a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. We have a four week menu which has been checked by a dietician. Our aim is to teach the children to sit at the table and enjoy their food and be confident and happy. Staff sit round the table with the children at mealtimes and it is a relaxed, social, family- like occasion. The children help serve some of the meal themselves. Special diets are catered for and parents are encouraged to come and discuss any ideas or problems they may want advice on and we will help in any way we can. If you would like to continue breast feeding when your baby attends nursery, you are welcome to come in and a quiet area will be provided. We can also freeze expressed milk and give this to your baby if you are unable to come in.

What will my child do at Nursery and Pre-School? How are parents kept informed and are they able to participate?

There is a basic routine which is very flexible to all the varied needs of the children. We have a photo book to show you and your child the sort of things we do. Every child has a diary sheet to show details of their day to take home daily. We use the Early Years Foundation Stage framework to assess and observe the interests and abilities of each child, and then plan to help each child fulfil their potential. We have an Early Years Teacher to run our Pre-School. This is to ensure that all the children are “School Ready” working towards the Early Years Foundation Learning Goals.   Over time each child has a learning journal documenting their progress and development with photos and parents comments included. Reports are sent out twice a year and we have a parents evening in the summer term. We have an open door policy and welcome any input from parents. A Lifeguard group, consisting of parents, staff and a board member, meet to discuss any issues and ideas.

What about potty training, sickness, medicine policy, Ofsted reports and recommendations, trips out of nursery, how fees are calculated and paid etc?

You can ask a member of staff about any of these and any other questions you can think of. We have all our policies in place and can explain the details of anything you are not sure of. We are happy for you to come and look round at any time and will answer any queries you may think of. If you think of something you wanted to ask when you get home, ring and we will be happy to give you the information you need.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Lighthouse Nursery & Pre-School and we welcome any comments or feedback you may have – email or get in touch. Your baby/child is your most treasured possession and we want you to feel happy and confident you have made the right choice for you and your family. At the Lighthouse we believe every child deserves the best start in life. We want every child to feel secure, happy and confident within a safe, warm, caring, family environment with all of our staff.